Sunday, 9 January 2011

Christmas Dream Has Come True!

On Thursday, December 23rd, the Director of the Culture House Dacia Mioveni, Elizabeta Panait with a group of pupils, members of the Aristocratique Children Club from Pitesti visited the children from Grand Valley Special School and the elders from the Medico-Social Centre Călineşti and the Care and Social Assistance Center Bascovele.
Due to the charity show organized by the House of Culture Mioveni and the Aristocratique Club last week in Mioveni the oganizers succeeded in raising a sum of about 4815 lei.
"The winter holidays urges us to think about those less fortunate than us. We could and should do gestures like this all year, not just now. But even the slightest attention, on the eve of Christmas, it means a lot to these people tried by fate. The money from the charity show were used to buy things I thought that they would need: blankets, bed linens, pajamas, panecakes, and the Local Council Mioveni also contributed to the action giving them a package of sweets, "said Elizabeta Panait, the Director of the Culture House Mioveni.
The first who enjoyed the gifts were the children from Valea Mare Special School where they distributed sweets and clothes to 135 children. The next stop was the Medico-Social Centre Calinesti, an institution which houses 45 elderly people, half of whom are bedridden. The Center from Călineşti was established 5 years ago and hosts elders abandoned by their families with whom fate was not gentle. Some of them have recognized the youth from the Aritocratique Club who caroled them last year.
The last stop was at the Center of Care and Support from Cotmeana Village. And here 84 institutionalized elderly people have been waiting breathlessly on the carolers. They've got guests in the dining room of the center, with the decorated Christmas tree, each quietly in his chair. After the program of carols, they also received their gifts.

Ignat Celebration

On December 21st, at „Cornul Vânătorului” in Pitesti City, it took place the competition “Ignat Festival in Arges”, arrived in second edition, an event organized by the Professional Association of Catering and Tourism together with some municipalities of Arges: Albota, Bradu, Babana, Oarja, Pitesti, Bascov and Bogati. The competition was focused on promoting Romanian traditions, so that each participant had sacrificed a pig in one traditional style. The participating municipalities expected visitors, each of them with a stand and they competed to have the best presentation, the best pork, the most cruel rind and the most tasty food. Mioveniul excelled as by far the best-looking booth was that of Mioveni, finding even the contest organizers made. With a cook clothed after book, a Santa and a traditional folk band, Mioveniul was appreciated even by the other competitors.