Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Christmas Tree

Carols Show at "Long Life" Retired Persons Association from Mioveni

O, brad frumos!
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Uită te bade şi vezi
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Flori de măr
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La multţi ani, cu sănătate
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Constantin Drăgan - De Crăciun
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Friday, 18 December 2009

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Artificially Environmental Rink in Mioveni Town

In a few days, in Mioveni Town, on the plateau lied in front of the Culture House, the Town Hall will give into operation one of the most modern ice rinks in the country, with an area of 300 square meters. This rink will have a plexus-glass base that will be cast a high density polymer solution. Basically, it will not skate on the ice, but on a silicone surface with a thickness of 8 mm. The advantage is that this solution allows the rink to be used practically and summer, although the city administration intends to be arranged in summer, ice rink instead of a playground for children or a mini-football field. After the auction organized, it was also purchased 100 pairs of skates, a laundry area and one of sharp skates. Such rinks were arranged in Bucharest, Craiova, Rovinari and Alexandria.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Comenius Project Dissemination - November 5th, 2009 (after the Transnational Visit in Kielce City, Poland - October 14-16th) - Cultural Center Mioveni

On November 5th, 2009, at the Cultural Center Mioveni, it took place the dissemination of the activities developed during the visit in Poland of the School with classes I-VIII “Liviu Rebreanu Mioveni” team in the European Comenius multilateral project entitled "If you want to see the beauty of the world, first you have to find it in yourself”, in partnership with schools from Poland, Italy, Malta, and Lithuania.
The project is financially supported by the European Commission within Comenius Program of Lifelong Learning Sectorial Program, our school benefiting of a grant of 24,000 euros for carrying out the proposed project.
All information we provide is the sole responsibility of the project team and the National Agency for Community Programs in Education and Training and the European Commission are not responsible for how this information content is used.
In this action participated: Ion Georgescu, Mayor of Mioveni Town, Aurel Costache – Vice-mayor of Mioveni Town, Professor Ph.D. Tiberiu Macarie - Director in Muntenia Training Center of the University from Pitesti, Ion Stanciu - Director of the Foundation “Consortium for Local Development" Mioveni, Elisabeta Panait - Director of CCS Mioveni, local counselors, directors of schools in Mioveni Town, parents , teachers, students.
The activity started with the intonation of the school anthem, played by the fourth grade students C.
From Mr. Mayor Ion Georgescu’s speech it was understood the urge for all teachers in our town schools to participate in such projects, providing us all the support of the Town Hall and the Local Council Mioveni.
There were presented the purpose, project objectives, activities to be undertaken, pictures and details of the activities carried out in Poland, comparing of education systems in Poland and Romania as well as general information about participating of schools in Comenius Program.
At the end of the activity, there was presented a short artistic show, acted by the famous artist, winner of Junior Golden Stag 2009, Ion Moise Badulescu, and other students of our school: Valentin Poienariu, Petruta Iovu, and the vocal group.
It was done the assessing students who participated in this work by awarding diplomas from the school and the participation in a trip offered by the Mayor.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Visited by Our Friends from Landerneau

Between the 23th and the 27th of October, 2009 a delegation from Landerneau (France), our twin town for 20 years has visited us. The delegation of 11 officials: advisers and businessmen was led by Mayor Patrick Leclerc. Our friends’ program Landerneau was loaded by visiting them over the 5 days several locations in town: the Long Schedule Nursery, Dacia Market, Dacia-Renault Factory, the Social Canteen, while having the opportunity to get in touch with the businessmen of our city.
The French delegation visit coincided this year with "Day of French Cuisine" (La Journée de la cuisine Française), attended by children from school "Liviu Rebreanu" School, "Iulia Zamfirescu” High School and Colibaşi School Group.

Friday, 9 October 2009

The Harvest Week

The Harvest Festival was held for the first time in our town. Thus, dozens of traders from different Argeşean localities were invited to participate in agricultural products. In the event that was conducted on the plateau of the Culture House of Trade “Dacia” were presented exhibitions with sale of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat dishes but also traditional folk art products, on this occasion taking place the 6th edition of the "Fair of Handicraftsmen”.

The Fair of Handicraftsmen is an event with tradition and with a strong impact on pulbic in the town and each year attracts a large number of guests from different parts of the country, covering a variety of folk crafts. Craftsmen in the county participated: Pitesti, Bascov, Leiceşti, Coşeşti, Bălileşti, Câmpulung, Curtea de Argeş, but also from other counties: Mureş, Vâlcea, Harghita, Galaţi, Prahova, Dolj.

The event was organized by the Local Council Mioveni, the Town Hall and the Cultural Center.

Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral Mioveni

Thursday, 1 October 2009

International Day of Older People

The Local Council Mioveni, the Town Hall, the Cultural Center and the Association "Long Life" celebrated Thursday, October 1st, 2009 the International Day of Older People through a series of activities for this age (competitions, show).
Among the contests, the most interesting were “Pensioner Cup at Backgammon” and “Pensioner Cup at Chess", edition II. In the competition “Autumn Harvest”, hosted by Cultural Center, the older people were awarded by the organizers with labels for "The Best Refreshments", "The Best Picks" or "The Best Jams”.
The performance was sustained at the Culture House by: the ensemble "Dorulet" of "Long Life" Association, the singers Eleonora Dragomir and Mariana Stan, the folk band of the Cultural Center Mioveni and the folk music singers: Flori Caftaliu, Liliana Iordache, Sergiu Tudor, Daniel Chiţulescu, Nicu Albu. Admission was free.
The older people had a party in the evening at the Central Restaurant from Mioveni Town.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Titles of Arges and Muscel "Son or Daughter" Were Awarded

Between August 11th and September 13th, 2009, Arges County Council has held the third edition of the holidays Arges and Muscel – a cycle of cultural, scientific and art activities, dedicated to the history and values of Arges County.
This year, the meeting of Arges sons was held on the day of September 12th, 2009, at the Golesti Museum, where met most appreciated experts in the fields: 1. Economy - Doing Business – Industry; 2. Public Administration; 3. Banking - Environment - Finance.
Since 9:30, in the feudal domain of the Museum Park Golesti, several hundred persons of the three areas recommended by professional and scientific forums were to be honored by granting awards and honorary citizen of Arges, recognizing, thus, their important role in local, national or international history.
Our town was represented at the meeting in public administration from Gheorghe Capatana, an ex-local councilor with over 30 years old, Ion Frâncu, a former Mayor with a length of activity for over 40 years, Constantin Neagu, a former Mayor and a Vice-mayor during 1982 - 1990, Gheorghiţa Sava, a senior accountant in business for over 30 years, Tudor Sora, a former secretary and a lawyer for consultation at the Local Council Mioveni, with over 30 years old, Maria Stefanescu, the secretary of Mioveni Town, a lawyer with over 30 years of activity, Ion Georgescu - the actual Mayor of Nioveni Town, Francois Fourmont - General Manager of Automobile Dacia-Renault SA, who was granted the title "Honorary Citizen " of Arges County.