Saturday, 29 August 2009

Our Town on Romania's Map

The Town of the Romanian Car

Mioveni is one of the seventh towns of Arges County. It is known as the town of the Romanian car because the first Romanian car was manufactured here, taking the old name of the land: Dacia. The car factory has begun Romanian French cooperation after December 1989 and now it is called Dacia-Renault Car Factory. It is in fact the place where our parents work.
There are a lot of buildings in our small town: five schools, two high schools, a Town Hall, a cathedral, five churches, a Culture House, a museum, a hospital, two hotels, a few restaurants, two supermarkets and a lot of shops.
The citizens from the center live in blocks of flats with four levels and those in the other districts have got houses built in an architectural style characteristic to our hill area. The blocks of flats lie on one and other side of Dacia Avenue. After this avenue the way goes on with a long county road, at the end of which, at almost eighteen kilometers' distance we reach Pitesti, the residence of our county. At the other end of the avenue, the way goes on with another county road which helps us to reach the mountain area with its wonderful landscape.
The five districts of the town are called: Mioveni, Colibasi, Racovita, Faget and Clucereasa, the former names of the villages which have composed the new town. The streets are clean and the pavements are large, with benches and bed flowers. People are hardworking and friendly, always ready to help each other.
Due to the preoccupation of the Local Council and the Town Hall, the development of the town is more and more flourishing, supported also by the County Council which gives a great budget for such a small town, the benefit being possible through the achievements from the car industry and to the funds given by the governmental programs.
The County Environment Department supports all the towns of Arges County, showing by all sorts of actions that the protection of the environment is a major problem of each town, mainly in the actual context when our country has become a member of the European Union from January 1st, 2007. Conscious of this matter, students and teachers of our town and especially of our school bring their contributions by means of projects like "Eco-School" and "Learn about Forests".
All around us is lovely and we are very happy to live in such a nice town. Childhood is "at its home" in a town like ours because joy and friendship give a real sense to our lives.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Circus Comes to Town

Ion Moise Bădulescu, the young performer of Mioveni Cultural Center once again confirms its value. In those 12 years can be proud of dozens of awards obtained from national and international competitions and festivals.
After early August he won the big trophy at the Golden Stag Junior ago he entered the national selection for Eurovision Junior 2009.
The competition was allowed only 15 songs from the 43 participating. The song with which he will attend is "The Circus Comes to Town”. The pre-selection will be broadcast live on TVR 1 on September 20th and the winner will be designated with the jury but by a system of TV voting where we can vote for favorite artist.
The piece that will garner the most points will represent Romania in Kiev (Ukraine).

Monday, 24 August 2009

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