Thursday, 29 October 2009

Visited by Our Friends from Landerneau

Between the 23th and the 27th of October, 2009 a delegation from Landerneau (France), our twin town for 20 years has visited us. The delegation of 11 officials: advisers and businessmen was led by Mayor Patrick Leclerc. Our friends’ program Landerneau was loaded by visiting them over the 5 days several locations in town: the Long Schedule Nursery, Dacia Market, Dacia-Renault Factory, the Social Canteen, while having the opportunity to get in touch with the businessmen of our city.
The French delegation visit coincided this year with "Day of French Cuisine" (La Journée de la cuisine Française), attended by children from school "Liviu Rebreanu" School, "Iulia Zamfirescu” High School and Colibaşi School Group.

Friday, 9 October 2009

The Harvest Week

The Harvest Festival was held for the first time in our town. Thus, dozens of traders from different Argeşean localities were invited to participate in agricultural products. In the event that was conducted on the plateau of the Culture House of Trade “Dacia” were presented exhibitions with sale of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat dishes but also traditional folk art products, on this occasion taking place the 6th edition of the "Fair of Handicraftsmen”.

The Fair of Handicraftsmen is an event with tradition and with a strong impact on pulbic in the town and each year attracts a large number of guests from different parts of the country, covering a variety of folk crafts. Craftsmen in the county participated: Pitesti, Bascov, Leiceşti, Coşeşti, Bălileşti, Câmpulung, Curtea de Argeş, but also from other counties: Mureş, Vâlcea, Harghita, Galaţi, Prahova, Dolj.

The event was organized by the Local Council Mioveni, the Town Hall and the Cultural Center.

Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral Mioveni

Thursday, 1 October 2009

International Day of Older People

The Local Council Mioveni, the Town Hall, the Cultural Center and the Association "Long Life" celebrated Thursday, October 1st, 2009 the International Day of Older People through a series of activities for this age (competitions, show).
Among the contests, the most interesting were “Pensioner Cup at Backgammon” and “Pensioner Cup at Chess", edition II. In the competition “Autumn Harvest”, hosted by Cultural Center, the older people were awarded by the organizers with labels for "The Best Refreshments", "The Best Picks" or "The Best Jams”.
The performance was sustained at the Culture House by: the ensemble "Dorulet" of "Long Life" Association, the singers Eleonora Dragomir and Mariana Stan, the folk band of the Cultural Center Mioveni and the folk music singers: Flori Caftaliu, Liliana Iordache, Sergiu Tudor, Daniel Chiţulescu, Nicu Albu. Admission was free.
The older people had a party in the evening at the Central Restaurant from Mioveni Town.