Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ignat Celebration

On December 21st, at „Cornul Vânătorului” in Pitesti City, it took place the competition “Ignat Festival in Arges”, arrived in second edition, an event organized by the Professional Association of Catering and Tourism together with some municipalities of Arges: Albota, Bradu, Babana, Oarja, Pitesti, Bascov and Bogati. The competition was focused on promoting Romanian traditions, so that each participant had sacrificed a pig in one traditional style. The participating municipalities expected visitors, each of them with a stand and they competed to have the best presentation, the best pork, the most cruel rind and the most tasty food. Mioveniul excelled as by far the best-looking booth was that of Mioveni, finding even the contest organizers made. With a cook clothed after book, a Santa and a traditional folk band, Mioveniul was appreciated even by the other competitors.

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